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Body issues & my messy diet


or those of you who don’t know me, Ami right here is having a really messy diet these days and I’m not talking about keeping a real diet because I don’t have the strength to keep one right now. I am talking about the fact that I cook a lot of different dishes, from Asian to American specialties and I have the opportunity to eat what my heart desires! It is a disaster, I’m telling you! But I really should start from the beginning, right?

I’ve talked about my weight problems a few years ago and that they made me have an obsession with my weighing. Besides, my body doesn’t help me at all because I have a very slow metabolism so it leads to people laughing at me when I say that even a glass of water or a banana can bloat me! I am not joking. I repeat I am not joking, guys! I’ve been through depressed moods, but luckily I have never reached the climax of suffering from depression because my dear ones (family, my besties and my boyfriend) always kept me on the line and made me who I am today.

But I want you to understand that this fight we have with our weight is very important to us! It is important for us to be understood, listened to and encouraged. This fight is not a joke, it is not a social construct that people can talk about without knowing what it actually involves and it’s not an „ I love my body” campaign!


In the beginning, I mentioned my disastrous diet, therefore, the obsessed-me gained some weight. Don’t get me wrong, I love food, I love eating and cooking and trying new places where only the menu is making me drool. But that costs me a little, both physically and mentally. In the article I wrote a few years ago I said that I succeeded my diet plan due to my will and perseverance. Well, sorry to disappoint but I kind’of lost them these days. I give up easily now and I ignore the fact that I’m not supposed to eat some things because I taught myself they’re bad to my health (and they truly are!).

Neither can I eat by myself small portions because my boyfriend and I usually take lunch/dinner together and he loves my cooking skills so I cook our favourite dishes like pasta or Asian spicy noodles or spicy Chinese chicken or burritos or tacos or Nutella muffins and omg all of them are so satisfyingly good… but sadly heavy for my stomach.

If you are also dealing with this fight, believe me, I understand you completely. I understand it is hard to give up lists or give up something delicious because you have to take care of what you put on the plate. And I know how frustrating it is when others tell you ”But eat, who cares?” or „Why are you concerned about” or ” Finish with this ****”. I really understand.

And on the other side, there are people who eat whatever they want and can and they do not gain weight. You would expect those to understand you, for though you are at two different extremes, you have the same goal, but opposites. One wants to lose weight, and the other to gain some. And then you think about the fact that this defines the majority of the population in the world. 1/4 wants to lose weight, 1/4 wants to gain weight, 1/4 are satisfied with what they look like and 1/4 have nothing to eat. That’s the reality, guys. And it is sad.

This struggle can physically and mentally break you down, especially if you give it importance in your daily life more than your happiness as it is.

My advice?

Try to discover your body. What it accepts and what not. What can and can not help you in your fight.

I am not going to tell you „Love your body no matter what”, but „ Love your body but keep it healthy. Keep it real. It is the only body you have so you better take care of those beautiful parts of the Universe.

What do I do?

  • I exercise more than before as I have a bike now and my boyfriend takes me on long rides!
  • I try to have breakfast every day
  • I usually replace a meal with junk food. That’s my bad.
  • I eat chocolate on a regular basis… like… 1 chocolate /2 days. Which is not bad, I swear.


Eat whatever you want as I can’t tell you what to do. Who says you do not deserve to eat junk food or chocolate just because you don’t have abs? People are too obsessed with the perfect body figure that humanity created. We do not need to approve that. You do not have to become some model to prove that you are part of your society.

Prove them wrong.




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