About me

Not long ago I thought about skipping the whole „About me” page since I originally wanted to write as a simple, humble blogger only known by the name „Ami”.

21 years old and a few dreams. Proud 2nd-year college student at ULBS, studying Psychology, leaving my small and monotonous town for the big one up in the mountains.

NOTE: I am not an English native speaker nor writer so I will probably make a bunch of mistakes. If so, please correct me, but do not make me feel bad for messing up, though. Thank you~

When did you start writing?

Probably it all started back in my first year of high school. Honestly, I sucked in the beginning. Like, I was really really bad. I kept making mistake over mistake, although I had and I still have a great imagination. I didn’t know how to express myself and years of work have brought me now a vocabulary ( in my native language, Romanian) that, as I’ve been told, sometimes you have to read it carefully in order to understand it. I’m a complicated person, I tend to exaggerate, to humanize, to put a tiny little drop of soul where there is no life and faith.

Why did you start writing?

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe not… But I felt the urge to escape from reality, or better said, to share what I really think that is wrong with the society. I often feel assailed by thoughts and inspiration, which are precious things to people who share my, let’s say, talent. That’s why I thought about letting them go. ” Run wild, my dearies, as I protect you with my heart from behind the curtains!„. It was a wise decision because it made me learn a mountain of great things! I feel that… I got to be who I am today because of those few lines I began to write at 10 o’clock.

Where do I get my inspiration from?

I think this is the most common, typical and ordinary question that bloggers/writers have to deal with, including me, of course. Normally, I would say that I get my inspiration from everywhere and everything.Whatever I see, hear, smell, dream, touch. A song, a photograph, a memory, a conversation, a pencil, a book, a wall, mother nature, a bee, a pie, a piano, a building, a color… Everything.

Anything that falls under the breath of existentialism, I take advantage of it.

Why don’t you write more often?

Believe me, I would write every day and night for the rest of my life If I had peace and quiet in my head. I write for me, that I have to admit, but I also write for others. I want to help and to inspire people with my words. My biggest satisfaction is reaching the heart of my readers and to feel that I have their trust, as they have mine.

What do you usually write about? 

I generally write about my college life, about what I feel, what I experience but I do not like to write about too personal things like my relationship and family. I keep it simple and quite, although sometimes it is tempting to write about my dear lover or my crazy family!

Well, I should stop here for now, but we’ll meet again in every single article of mine.





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